Innovate More. Maintain Less.
Turn to the cloud to scale and optimize IT resources, fuel agility, and accelerate time to market.

What is the cloud?

In a few short years, cloud has transformed business in ways previously impossible to imagine. Today, organizations tap cloud-based hardware, software and services to boost agility, increase competitiveness and innovate faster than ever before.

Cloud is both a catalyst and a connector. Cloud offers the ability to source, scale and deliver computing capacity on demand. Powered by a public, private or hybrid cloud, organizations are better equipped to handle changing business needs and create new services to improve performance.

Run your business in real time by upgrading cloud and data platforms

Redefine how your business operates and delivers products and services with cloud and data platforms. Explore new possibilities with real-time access to information, actionable decisions, and transformational innovation.

SAP Cloud Platform for Business

1.Accelerated App Development
2.Mobile Apps and Customer Digital Experiences
3.Business Transformation Processes
4.Extensions and Connections with Powerful APIs
5.Embedded Advanced Analytics
6.Innovative Big Data, IoT, and Machine Learning Solutions

Application Integration and Infrastructure (AI&I)

1.Integration Technology Platform
2.Process Integration, Orchestration and Analytics
3.Landscape Management and Provisioning
4.Interface Implementation and Management


Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

1.Information Governance
2.Master Data Management
3.Data Quality and Integration
4.Content Management
5.Metadata Management and Enterprise Architecture

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