Construction projects carry ever higher risk because of increasingly demanding customer requirements. Engineering, construction, and operations (EC&O) companies need to continuously innovate business operations in order to meet their customers’ needs.

Enable effective bid management based on unified data and collaborative tools for design and estimation, Leverage collaboration, insights, and real-time visibility to manage projects, Integrate project execution with financial transactions, reporting, and analytics. Develop holistic asset planning, operations, and information management systems

  • Design Built

    While safety is critical to both the success of our clients’ projects and the strength of Conart Engineer’s, is individual worker well-being that drives us.

  • Delivery

    The core values and business philosophies Conart has successfully employed for more than four decades match the foundation for today’s Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Lean Construction and Design/Build methodologies.

  • Sustainability

    Conart champions green not because it is fashionable, but because ensuring the well-being of our environment for future generations is simply the right thing to do—and it makes good business sense for us and our clients.

  • Self-Perform

    All decisions to self-perform work are governed by a mutual agreement with our clients that significant cost, schedule or quality benefit exists.

  • Quality

    ISO 9001-2008 : certification has been in place for over a decade now and is used by both customers and companies as a method of controlling their quality.

Complete Utilities assumes full responsibility of the rollout, upgrade, and maintenance of utility networks, thus keeping the process simple and cost-effective for its clients

The world is changing. In Steve Ryan’s opinion, fibre, 5G, and the electric vehicle boom will demand a new kind of connectivity, which will create unprecedented opportunities for network providers in the UK. For them to seize these opportunities, however, Steve insists that they will need a partner they can rely on. As the Head of Business Operations at Complete Utilities, he is convinced that the company’s fresh and flexible one-stop shop approach is best suited to the emerging realities, as it makes its service faster, more efficient, and more reliable than what is on offer by its competitors.

ARY TECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd provides a complete range of Construction Solutions:

Starting from innovative Project Ideas which are communicated to our valued Customers and then transformed to Concept Designs and developed further to become executable Designs, ARY TECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd continues all the way toward executing those Designs in the field in the best way and finally Managing the finished properties and providing the necessary Maintenance Services.

The above is achieved by ARY TECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd professional team of Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Cost Analysts and Business Professionals and the provision of the necessary skilled workforce to do the tasks on site.


We believe integrity is the foundation of our individual and corporate actions that drives an organization of which we are proud.

  • We are responsible and committed to the health and safety of our people and stakeholders, protection of the environment, and compliance with laws, regulations, and company policies.
  • We are honest, trustworthy, respectful, and ethical in our actions.
  • We honor our commitments.
  • We are accountable for our actions, successes, and failures


We believe that Performance and Excellence will drive the results that differentiate us from our competitors.

  • We focus on what is important.
  • We establish and communicate Clear Expectations.
  • We persistently pursue Success.
  • We strive for Flawless Execution.
  • We work hard, celebrate our successes, and learn from our failures.
  • We continuously look for innovative ways to improve our products, services, and processes.


We believe that Courage empowers us to lead boldly and act decisively.

  • We stand for what is right and support others who do so.
  • We preview and pursue new possibilities for our future.
  • We take ownership of challenges, even those that appear insurmountable.
  • We embrace change, both collectively and individually.
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