ARY is a part of RR Group of Companies, began in the year 2010, and is perceived as one of the quickest developing and most experienced Web design, Software Development, Mobile Application Development Company. While we have effectively conveyed various ventures in the territories of Web, Data Center Services, Crm Solution, Web planning, Online application improvement, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, Online Branding, E-trade Solutions, and Mobile Application Development, we have additionally assembled immense information base through consistent advancement and learning..


We define creativity as putting imagination into innovation of new ideas.Hence anewera of creative innovation expands the horizons for the future generationof Human Race.


We develop or create efficient ideas to propell any organisation towards its future goals.Less resource and more efficiency is our prime target.


Keeping things as simple as possible.The technologies or creatives we create are simple and easily understandable by anyone.


Perfect planning leads to perfect deliveries,to meet our deadline we plan accordingly so that the client would be happy,a happy client is the growth of any business.

Our story

We started as a small company

This was the first time when we started our company , we had no idea how far we would go, we weren't even sure that we would be able to survive for a few years.

We have our first employees

This was the first period when ARY actually felt like it would stick around for a while. We realised we were growing more stable and expanding at the same time.


Your Goals are our guidelines

A well defined target is easily achieved by evaluating the market segments we can define your target customers hence the strategy follows for your success in the domain.

Premium quality is our standard

We never deliver work which is not our standards.We have designed a special standards policy for our customers.The quality of work defines the value of an organisation.

Delivery on time guaranteed

perfect planning leads to perfect delivery.We have delivered many projects on time,the timely delivery makes any client happy.

Development strategy

Our strategic minds are here to help you traverse the ups and downs of your market place and produce a unique brands insight that will better connect you with your customers and prospects.

Web Development

Going webway enables you to look fresh every time as you can publish fresh content about the products or services or regular updates and upgrading of your trade.

App development

Mobile application platforms unleash the force of marketing to target key users with location specific , time sensitive messages based on interts and individual choic

Our Process

ARY Tech is a Complete 360° Creative IT Solutions Provider for your Business

Our Approach

Culture of high quality and satisfaction

At ARY we always dwell in contempating futuristic technology systems which open doors to unlimited prospects.loT is one of our favourite forms of technology making lives and businesses less complicated and provides easy access at your fingertips.You name it we have it.

Build Immersive & Interactive Customer Experiences with Design & Technology

ARY Technologies Build Immersive & Interactive Customer Experiences with Design & Technology we are already completed below things

Creative Design 80%
Innovative Technology 75%
Immersive Experience 99%

We have everything for Everyone

Branding & Visual Identity

Better the brand identify better the value of the company.Identify of the company helps you find your clients, gives direction to employees and helps the business leaders create a vision for the future.

Programming Websites & Apps

Web & mobile application technology has not only navigated beyond boundaries but has also accessed various domains.These technology is rulling the world today with many practical applications running successfully.

Online presence Building

An online presence is important for outbund marketing because it reinforces your brand land and what you offer to your target market.

Marketing Social Media & P.R.

These many days marketing requires more than a megaphone , it needs a hearing aid and social media is just that.Our social team keeps their ear to the ground , enters the conversation and helps make your brand something truly buzz-worthy.Our media professionals are always engaged in expanding your reach and maximizing your spend.

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